On-Premise vs Hybrid vs IBM SmartCloud

The world is going Cloud. While many are simply doing it to have the tag ‘On-the-Cloud’, only a few are able to leverage the true power and benefits of a system that is ready anywhere, anytime to anyone. IBM SmartCloud was introduced by IBM as the next gen technology to simplify Domino Administration and overcome hiccups in maintaining on-premise servers and similar administration challenges. This results in simplifying the process for an Administrator in managing the Domino Infrastructure. IBM SmartCloud is a capsule of all collaboration tools that can form the backbone of an organization.

IBM Connections Cloud allows you to collaborate and work with anyone within the firewall. The repetitive collaboration tasks are made much simpler. The process of migration of the system to the cloud is made very simple, thereby making the transition smoother. The entire ecosystem is designed such that companies can choose the components they wish to use. Depending on the need of integration options, security and support levels, Maarga offers two kinds of IBM SmartCloud services:

  • Service Only
  • Hybrid

Service Only comprises of mail server related functionalities. This service is beneficial for organizations that require efficient management of their mailboxes on the cloud.
With Service Only you can:

  • Improve User Mangagement
  • Easily manage licenses
  • Better manage spam mails
  • Easily host meetings / do screen sharing
  • Configure on multiple devices

Hybrid is a more versatile option as it provides flexibility to the connections between the client and server. It typically uses a Passthru server to mirror important customization settings to the cloud server. Its main characteristic is that it integrates with an on-premises Domino environment. With Hybrid you can:

  • Have better control on the Cloud Environment
  • Retain default organization settings
  • Migrate all applications
  • Mirror all types of policies on the Cloud
  • Use both shared and customized mail boxes
  • Have better quota management and other management tools
  • Retain the same Domain name

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We can assist you in

  • Planning of the required model
  • Operational readiness & Migration
  • Setup & Installation of the finalized model
  • Deployment & Configuration
  • Testing