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Lotus Notes Development & Maintenance

For the past 10 years, we have been designing and developing custom applications on IBM Notes to help our clients overcome their toughest IT challenges. Although it’s a cliché, we are very proud to say Notes is in our DNA. And we mean it. We know Notes in and out. We have been in XPages from the day it was introduced by IBM. While we have the Notes skills in our head, we have business values in our heart. We just don’t deliver quality product/service. We make sure that we provide the right business value for the client.

Custom Application Development on Notes Domino

Got an idea or a request for a Notes custom application, but do not have the bandwidth to get it done internally? We can help you flesh out your concept with visual prototypes, design the application with best of breed practices and develop it with quality code and good documentation.

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Workflow Center of Excellence

You would have invested in Lotus Notes/Domino for your collaboration and workflow requirements. You would  often face high demand for automating and maintaining business processes and workflows using Notes applications. Some of this demand is for new process automation, while other business users demand ongoing maintenance and modernization of their workflows. IT organizations find it difficult to recruit/retain developers with Lotus Notes and Web programming skills and make it work within the tight budgets given the economic scenario.

Our Solution

Maarga will set up and run a dedicated center of excellence for you which will be staffed by Maarga resources but can be managed either in a staff augmentation or a managed services model. Maarga will work with your team to plan the ramp up and staffing of the Lotus Notes development/maintenance team with appropriate skills, will execute projects with best of breed methodologies and deliver business results to your customers either as new products delivered or increased service levels for maintaining existing products.

How it works

We typically start off with a Gap Analysis to understand your current staffing levels and the projected business demand. Along with your architecture team and core developers, we will then evolve a staffing plan, a transition plan to integrate the Center of Excellence into your operations/development teams and a governance plan to achieve the business objectives set forth at the beginning of the engagement. Maarga will start with a small team, iron out the wrinkles in the engagement model and then scale as per the staffing plan.

Benefits for you

  • No Capital expenses. Only operational expenses
  • Scalable Team that responds to your business requirements
  • Ready access to deep expertise in Lotus Notes/Domino Technologies
  • Up to 50% lesser cost than US/Europe based development/maintenance teams

Custom Workflow Development

When business users see a working software that automates workflows and business processes well, they want to automate additional processes. This creates a constant demand for new development on the IT department. Given lean levels of staffing at IT departments, IT leaders look to experienced, best of breed consulting companies for automating these custom workflows.

Our Solution

Maarga has a specialized Notes/Domino practice that has seen development of custom workflows across multiple industries and multiple business functions.  Maarga’s XFactory framework accelerates the development of a typical workflow application by using ready built modules and patterns that handle workflow tracking, notifications, audit trails, workflow patterns etc.,

How it works

A typical project begins with the outlining of the end business outcome, and proceeds to get detailed business requirements which then get translated into functional specifications. Maarga architects discuss with customers about their framework for applications, and suggest best practices that get incorporated into system design. Depending on customer choice, Maarga either develops the application on Maarga’s XFactory framework, the customer’s own framework or without a framework. A completed application goes through unit, system and performance testing before it goes through usability testing and deployment at client infrastructure. Maarga offers an optional follow on support package for maintaining and enhancing the application through its lifecycle.

Benefits for you

  • Increased consistency
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced Error, Waste and support continuous improvement initiatives
  • Improved Speed/Agility of Business
  • Increased Profits
  • Improve Compliance with Statutory Requirements (reduce risks)
  • Provide Audit Trail for each instance of the workflow

Maintain your existing Notes applications

If you are like most organizations, you will have harnessed the power of IBM Notes by creating a multitude of small but useful Notes databases. Some of these might span the entire organization, while yet others may have been confined to departments or similar units. Maarga can help shoulder the task of maintaining these applications, fix issues and make minor enhancements with our fully featured Application Maintenance services.

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Research has revealed that in an organisation, nearly 70% of the costs go towards Application Support and Maintenance activities. Your Lotus Notes Applications need to be supported and maintained so that you get the desired process efficiencies and user satisfaction out of the application. Managing the applications in-house is a poor use of your talented and business aware IT staff.

Outsourcing the Lotus application maintenance to an expert vendor will assure

  • Improvement of internal processes
  • Better control of the application and life-cycle management
  • Improved allocation of IT specialists for strategic initiatives and tasks.
  • Better knowledge capture around support and maintenance issues as the vendor is likely to have more rigorous processes




Maarga Systems offers end to end Lotus Notes Application Management services. We follow a systematic approach with defined processes, policies and procedures.. We use comprehensive tools that cover all aspects of application maintenance. Back end support is provided by an expert team of talented and experienced engineers.

What does this service deliver to you?

  • Enhancing application functionality & Performance optimization
  • Bug fixing and rectifying issues reported by users
  • Managing code “entropy” as the software evolves over a period of time
  • Usage tracking and improvements – new features such as viewers list enable the agents to use the system effectively
  • Integrating newer technologies like presence awareness, mobile access and so on
  • Creating  customized reports, data transformation scripts and others
  • Migrating to newer versions of Notes client and Domino server to take advantage of new features, and performance improvements
  • Doing away with unwanted applications that hinder better performance
  • Documenting changes made to the system for smooth maintenance

Why you should outsource?

  • Minimized Lotus Application down-time
  • Professional, experienced and certified team
  • Reduced costs
  • Continuous improvements to support the changing needs of organizations
  • Improved application stability and performance
  • Improved service quality
  • Continuous improvements to support the changing needs of organizations
  • Focus on other strategic initiatives, rather than maintenance

Why Maarga?

  • Wide pool of Lotus Notes developers
  • Documented best practices
  • Dedicated support workforce
  • Flexibility to scale up and 24 X 7 on-demand support
  • Seamless execution and high quality support
  • Accountability and focus

How to go about it?

  • Sign up for the Free Consultation
  • Our Sales person will call you to set a date for Consulting Session
  • Meet our Application maintenance expert to talk more about your Lotus Application Infrastructure
  • Maarga will chalk out a detailed application maintenance strategy for your organization
  • We will follow it up with a detailed proposal and nuances can be discussed
  • Sign off and we will start the maintenance on a mutually accepted date

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XPages Modernization

Do you have innumerable Lotus Applications that need to be migrated to the web, mobile and the cloud? XPages is your answer!. XPages is a rapid web and mobile application platform developed by IBM to modernize Notes applications and we were one of its earliest adopters.

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It’s time for XPages

Do you have innumerable Lotus Applications that needs to be migrated to the web, mobile and the cloud? XPages is the answer for your question. XPages is a rapid web and mobile application platform developed by IBM to modernize your Lotus Notes Applications

Our XPages Modernization Process

Maarga has developed a unique XPages migration process that paves the way for perfect movement of Lotus Apps in to XPages domain with minimal downtime. Aptly called as the XMAP – XPages Migration Approach & Plan, it gives a step by step process of how you can go about the XPages migration of your Lotus Applications:

Assess your Portfolio
  • Baseline your architecture
  • Define your target architecture
  • Deep dive in to your Lotus application portfolio and categorize them
Prioritize your Notes Application
  • Identify and categorize the Lotus Applications that needs to migrated first
  • Identify the applications that will have lesser impact and downtime
  • Migrate apps that have high priority and low system adequacy
Choose your Pilots wisely
  • Create the WOW factor on the XPages application
  • Show the different possibilities that comes out this migration
  • Excite the influential users
  • Analyze the apps based on the pilot
  • Design the data and the presentation layer
  • Design for re-usability
  • Develop the app and do the internal testing
  • Stage XPages without affecting production Databases
  • Move XPages to production environment

Why XPages?

  • XPages is the quickest way to take your Lotus Notes applications to web and mobile
  • It reduces the dependency on Lotus Notes Client and will enable users to access the applications anywhere, anytime
  • Reusable code modules can be developed to use them across your business applications
  • XPages can provide with you rich UI without disturbing existing functionality of a Lotus Application
  • As XPages is standards based, it allows easy integration with your CRM, ERP or any other business critical applications
  • Slick UI Themes, Offline access and more. If you like to know more take a demo of XPages apps that we have developed. We bet you will like it

How about Data Migration?

Xpages migration doesn’t affect the data of your Lotus Applications. The biggest advantage of migrating to XPages is the zero loss of data from your existing applications. By moving to XPages, you can be rest assured that there will not be any loss of data.


Maarga were professional and committed, when others failed to be realistic and logical. If you are Lotus oriented, Maarga will walk the talk.

Abdul Samad, LubeRef

System Integration & Remote Infrastructure Management

Companies invest significant resources in building a Lotus Notes/Domino infrastructure and custom applications on top of the platform to manage messaging, workflow, collaboration, e-learning, knowledge management and more. Maarga helps these companies achieve the high returns on their Lotus Notes/Domino investments using rugged methodologies and tools, a hybrid onsite + offshore delivery model, flexible pricing and a choice of staffing models.

Maarga can man your help desk and provide dependable and timely resolutions to users’ questions and problems. Whether it is a new business requirement, a “how to” question or customization needs, we deliver high-quality troubleshooting and change request support from an onsite or offsite help desk. Our deep Lotus Notes/Domino knowledge enables us to pinpoint the source of problem—even within highly integrated enterprise applications, and quickly resolve the issue. We build a knowledge base that gives users instant answers to “how to” questions, technical problems and documentation needs. We capture and track all questions so that you can reduce direct support costs, minimize loss of user productivity and turn your support service into a competitive asset.

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Maarga offers comprehensive system administration services to ensure rapid implementation and proper maintenance of your Notes, Domino infrastructure. We have certified engineers that provide complete installation, configuration and on-going maintenance of your Lotus Domino servers. Our goal is to work within your organization’s process framework to achieve the service levels you desire for up time and smooth running of your Domino servers.

We offer onsite system administration in India and offsite system administration to clients throughout the world. Our administrators can log onto your Domino server, given the appropriate access and maintain your systems to achieve the desired service levels.

Our system administration services encompass the following tasks:

  • Setting up and managing users and groups including user registration, setting up roaming users, managing and tracking user activity, license tracking, customizing user experience with custom welcome pages, setting up web users, bulk importing of users etc. Defining groups, managing membership to dynamic groups, and reporting on effective access levels for users and groups forms part of our services.
  • Setting up policies for effective management of the organization and explicitly named groups. These policies cover security, desktop, registration and setup settings and offer a consistent way of enforcing the IT infrastructure framework in the organization.
  • Setting up, scheduling and monitoring replication. We work on setting appropriate ACL settings on the replicas, setting up and scheduling server-to-server replication, server-to-client replication, filtering databases to be replicated, monitoring resource consumption by replication tasks, setting up multiple replicators and custom replication servers and monitoring replication schedules, usage and topology maps.
  • Setting up calendars and scheduling including rooms and resources documents, creating holiday documents and monitoring usage of calendaring and scheduling.
  • Setting up Offline Services, securing Offline access with effective policy configuration, setting up agents for DOLS subscription, distributing DOLS pre-installer to clients and troubleshooting DOLS usage.
  • Setting up full text search of individual, multiple databases, domain catalog and domain search. Monitoring the indexing tasks and resource usage by the indexing tasks.
  • Setting up Mail Routing and configuring SMTP mail routing, relays.
  • Setting up POP3, IMAP and iNotes (Domino Web Access)
  • Monitoring Mail usage including mailbox sizes, router performance etc.
  • Planning and implementing security for your Domino servers including security audits, controlling access to Domino servers, verifying trust relationships/certification logs, protecting and maintaining Notes IDs and controlling access to sensitive Notes databases.
  • Maintaining databases – resolving replication and save conflicts, managing view indexes, fixing corrupted databases and doing design refreshes.
  • Backup and Storage Management – using online tools or manual procedures.

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Migration from Exchange to Lotus Notes

Maarga Team was very skilled. They were up and running very fast. Our users appreciate their capacity to be user oriented.

IT Manager, Manufacturing Company from Sweden

Mobile Application Development

According to the GigaOm Pro Survey “The future of workplaces”, it is estimated that half of the devices on corporate networks will be mobile devices by 2015. Mobile information workers are a big part of your organization’s workforce today – and tethering them to their Lotus Notes clients will only slow your organization down., In fact, according to a recent study by IDG, among organizations that allow employees to use personal mobile devices for business, 65 percent report greater productivity.

Business users expect business processes to be accessible anywhere and anytime. Over time, Mobility will become a necessity rather than a luxury. Hence it’s time every organization creates a mobile enablement strategy for their business processes.And Maarga can help you with this.Maarga has the capabilities and expertise to mobilize any Lotus Notes based applications in 4 different ways. A number of clients have taken advantage of Maarga’s competencies to mobile enable business critical applications based on their own customized requirements.

Maarga Systems is a very professional company and well established in support for IBM Products. They have done wonderful with minimum supervision.

Mohammed Al Khouly, Head – Information Systems, APICORP

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Why go mobile?

      • Of organizations that allow employees to use personal mobile devices for business, 65 percent report greater productivity, according to a recent study by IDG
      • Mobile Information Workers are a big part of your organization’s workforce today – tethering them to their Lotus Notes clients will slow your organization down
      • GenY workers will resist your Domino applications if you don’t have mobile access
      • According to the GigaOm Pro Survey “The future of workplaces”, it is estimated that half of the devices on corporate networks will be mobile devices by 2015
      • Business users expect the business process to be accessible anywhere and anytime. Mobility over the time will become a necessity rather than a luxury

Maarga’s Mobile Capabilities

Maarga has the capabilities and expertise to mobilize any Lotus Notes based applications. Lotus Domino Applications can be taken mobile in 4 different ways. Maarga is equipped and have mobile enabled business critical applications for different clients based on their requirements.

Web Based Mobile application

These are applications that run on any mobile browser irrespective of the operating system that powers your mobile. Lotus Notes applications can be made available to any mobile browser using XPages technology created by IBM. Maarga is one of the pioneers in XPages modernization of Lotus applications and our XMAP methodology has proven track record in modernizing Lotus applications.

Hybrid Web Application

Lotus Domino XPage applications can be mobile enabled using standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, Java Script. To make it available on all platforms, HTML5/CSS/JS are converted to device specific code using Hybrid Frameworks like Phonegap that runs on all platforms. Hybrid web applications can achieve the same level of user experience like the native apps in iOS/android/windows mobile platforms.

Native Mobile Application

Maarga is equipped with vast expertise to create native applications in all leading mobile OS platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Although Native applications supports single platform, they give the perfect experience for users as you can access all the device features.

Native Application using Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

Maarga is equipped with vast expertise to create native applications in all leading mobile OS platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Although Native applications supports single platform, they give the perfect experience for users as you can access all the device features.

Custom Application Development

While ready and pre-built software may suit many a need for businesses, parts of the business do require custom software to work exactly as the business demands dictate. While the lure of building custom software is high, given their exact fit to business needs, the costs of doing so, in terms of dedicated resources, focus required etc. are very high for most organizations.

Maarga utilizes rapid development principles and the benefits of offshore development to provide custom (bespoke) development services to enterprises worldwide.Maarga utilizes its existing experience in the chosen technology platforms to rapidly gain speed using pre-built code. Maarga uses the best practices of modeling visually, component based development, an iterative approach to delivery with multiple (and early) builds and a project based extranet for the distributed team to make the entire process of custom development simpler and thus delivers tangible results to its clients.