As I was reading up a very interesting pdf on the Net, I felt a need to have it saved on to my Notes database. When I started downloading these images onto my computer, it struck me that there should be an easier way of attaching objects to my Notes documents. How much better it would be, if I could just click on the object of my choice from the Web, maybe add on some descriptions and have it automatically create a document on the database of my choice!! With such thoughts buzzing in my head, I started on a project to create a Firefox Add-On to achieve my target.

What is the add-on all about?

This application creates a Firefox Add-on which takes the PDF document from the current browser tab and uploads to a Lotus Notes Database as an attachment in a document.

What technologies I used?

Developing Firefox Addon : Javascript, XUL Language

Deploying connection : WebServices, AJAX

BackEnd Database : Lotus Notes and Domino server

What is the workflow?

The Firefox add-on gives the User Interface with which triggers the application. When you read a PDF from the internet and want to save it in your Notes Database, click on the “Save PDF” button in the add-on toolbar. It fetches the PDF document and opens a dialog box where you key in more information which gets saved as a Notes Document.

Step1: Create a URL using the Web Service Provider in Lotus Notes.

Use this URL in the JavaScript which is used to create the the Toolbar.

 Step 2: Add the Toolbar onto the Firefox Screen

Step3: Click on Save PDF button on the Toolbar

Step 4: Add extra information as asked on the dialog box (scripted inside the addon).

Click on Save in the dialog box.

The PDF is saved inside the Notes database as a document!!!

What happens?

When you click on the save button from the dialog box, it calls the Web-services in Domino using the URL provided. Domino takes care of creating the document and attaching the PDF to the document with the extra information.

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