As Part of integrating social, we will discuss about the integration with LinkedIn and XPages

What are the advantages of linked in integration

Users can bring LinkedIn profile and network in your site

  • There are 52+ millions users in LinkedIn so you can engage them in your site
  • You may create authentication through LinkedIn api so that user don’t need to register in your site
  • You can search profile, connection
  • Users can also update their status from your site using LinkedIn apis

So what are the prerequisites of LinkedIn integration with any application

  • Create each application to get an API Key
  • Visit
  • Click Add New Application.
  • Integration Url would be your project url.
  • oAuth Redirect Url would be the web page url.
  • Click Add Application. You get API Key and Secret Key for your application.


Please stay tuned for the next post for LinkedIn integration with XPages ( Hard Core Programming stuffs :p)

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