As I found myself waiting for quite a few minutes to open applications every time that I needed to check out project critical data, I realized that there should be a better way of getting at the bigger picture. This was especially of use when there was a need to have MIS data on the go. An RSS feed of specific views from different critical databases, I felt, would really help and speed up my response time. So I set up an RSS feed from various applications using the RSS Generator Template available on the server. I have shared this process with screen shots to help users understand it better.

The steps involved

  1. Configure the rss_generator on the Server
  2. Set up the RSS feed

Step 1:Configuring the rss_generator using the template

On every server, we have a template called rss_generator.ntf

  • To create a new feed, configure the database as shown

  • Click on Save & Exit button and browse the nsf file from any browser
  • You will get

Step 2: Setting up the RSS Feed in your environment

  • Copy the URL that you get and add it to the RSS Feed by clicking on the plus icon available on the Feeds tab on the right sidebar

  • In the prompt that appears, paste the URL and click on go.

  • You will be prompted for the feed name and asked for the number of hours and days you need updates

  • Now you will be able to get the feed even as you are working on another application. If you click on a particular link, it will directly open the document.

Note: Even in the notes application we should have reader access set to “Anonymous”