Take Your Notes
Applications Mobile
For Just $7999*

Around 80% of workforce use mobile devices for work and work related activities.

And not just that – more than two-thirds of workforce now bring their own mobile devices to work. If you add the fact that currently each executive or manager has an average of  more than 3 devices with them for work, you are staring at the obvious. Enabling your workforce to work on mobile devices is no longer a feel-good feature but a must to increase productivity.

…XPilot at a special price of $7999*

What will this solution cover:

Step 1: Planning

2 Days

  • Identify the application to be Mobile enabled
  • Run the design Analysis tool on the application
  • Analyze the Design Analysis report and identify areas to be Mobile enabled
  • Setup the plan, staging area
  • Prepare list of test users and roles to setup testing instance

Step 2: Server Pre-requisites

0.5 Days

  • Share the server pre-requisites for optimized running of Mobile applications
  • Share the staging area link and credentials for user testing

Step 3: UI Testing

1.5 Days

  • Develop new UI compatible for both web & mobile
  • Deploy to staging area for user input
  • Demonstrate UI on mobile and web

Step 4: Functionality Testing

4 Days

  • Implement defined functionality
  • Deploy to staging area for user input
  • Demonstrate functionality on mobile and web

Step 5: Finalize Application

2 Days

  • Create user documentation and user video
  • Provide final application template, documentation and roll out plan to customer

Why XPilot?

  • Formulate your Notes Applications Modernization strategy using XPages
  • Gives you the ‘actual’ feel of taking your applications mobile
  • Cost-effective and hence risk-free
  • No disruptions – know all this while your applications have no stoppage

Other benefits of taking your applications mobile through XPages

  • Leverage on your IBM Notes investments
  • Reduce license and server management costs
  • Make applications more user-friendly and hence increase usage
  • Improve reporting capabilities

* For one application to be taken mobile that will consist of a max of 2 data inputs, 2 levels of workflow / approval and 2 reports.

Yes! I want to take my Notes Applications mobile and I want it now! Here are my details.

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