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SharePoint Designer Workflows: Steps To Package And Deploy

In SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint online, we can package and deploy all three types of workflows, List workflow, site workflow and reusable workflows, where as in SharePoint 2010 only Reusable workflow have this option. Let us discuss about SharePoint designer workflows the steps to package and deploy

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[Webinar recording] Design workflows that work for your business

A motorbike industry leader reduces warranty claims by 34% using workflow automation. HR shrinks hiring cycle from 37 to 23 days using smart workflows. Sales teams win 30% more deals using an automated proposal approval system.

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[Free Webinar]Workflows On SharePoint Online: Deep Dive In 60 Minutes

With a slew of choices between SharePoint Designer, Nintex and more, get the low down on what to choose when. Master the world of workflows with SharePoint Online in this hands on webinar.

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