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Lotus Notes Developer Tools: Six Handy Apps To Make Development Easy

The need for speed in fixing bugs, checking the performance of applications, comparing different versions of code, customizing result displays, bringing out well aligned design elements are all part and parcel of a developers daily grind. Here, I have given six tools which can help the Lotus Notes Developer do his job with finesse.

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Why requirements gathering is the most important part in a Notes Domino Project – A Project Lead’s Viewpoint

Requirements are almost always the single largest reason for the success (or the lack thereof) of Notes Domino projects.

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Tweak Thursdays 21: Developing a Firefox Addon to attach a PDF directly into a Notes Document

As I was reading up a very interesting pdf on the Net, I felt a need to have it saved on to my Notes database. When I started downloading these images onto my computer

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Tweak Thursdays 16: Accessing Notes Applications as an RSS Feed – A must have for every PL

As I found myself waiting for quite a few minutes to open applications every time that I needed to check out project critical data, I realized that there should be a better way of getting at the bigger picture.

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