Robotic Process Automation


Implementation of RPA Solution

Implementation of a successful RPA solution needs an understanding of the people, process, and technology involved. Identifying the right process is key to implement and rapidly realize the benefits of RPA.


    • Convincing list of key benefits for your business teams to set the context, map the outcome and drive RPA in your organization
    • Maarga’s proprietary framework of process assessment, identification and understanding
    • Understand the end to end process
    • Tools and templates to accelerate the process of collection of all the details required to get started with the implementation
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Robot Development

To develop a bot takes effort, our experience in building workflow intensive applications compliments our approach to the various stages of Robot Development

At a high-level, Robot Development involves:

    • Identification of a process that needs improvement
    • Understand the current state and define an ideal state in-terms of time taken by the process, process volume, frequency and accuracy
    • Understand the end to end process
    • Assessment and opportunity identification
    • Design, develop and pilot
    • Test, path to production
    • Feedback
      • Product Backlog
    • Maintenance and Support
      • Change management and Continuous Improvement
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Augment RPA Center of Excellence

Partnering with Maarga adds humongous value to the RPA initiatives in your Organization, by rapidly accelerating the RPA implementation and delivering on the RPA initiatives following industry best practices and leveraging our rich experience and expertise in the Business Process space.


  • Be on the leading edge of the Automation wave
  • A proven team of Experts on RPA, to drive RPA in your organization, steer initiatives, architect solutions and help you realize its full benefits, all at an Agile pace
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Support Robotic Operations Center

Once an organization simplifies, optimizes and improves process efficiency by implementing Bots, the number of Bots running on production may double every month.


  • Maarga offers services on bot deployments and seamlessly managing and monitoring bots currently on production
  • 24 x 7 support using an onsite, offshore model
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