Business Need:

In any of the application there are some activities which needs to be executed during intervals or at specific time in a day or week. Power automate helps to achieve those scheduled process.

Scheduled Agent In Lotus Notes:

In Lotus, agents are used to executing a set of code. This process can be achieved in two ways: Manual and Scheduled. On click of a button or when you save or open the manual agent trigger will get executed. When you want to execute a code or update values in certain documents based on condition or to send reminders etc., scheduled agents are used.

You can schedule the agents as per your need. Refer to the screenshot below to understand the possibilities to schedule.

Scheduled Process in Power Automate:


SharePoint list to be created with the required columns with values which is the basis to trigger the flow. In some cases schedule flow will updated the list based on some calculations so input needs to be in required format.

How to schedule in Power Automate

In SharePoint you can create the scheduled flow using below steps

Step 1:


Sample use case

To release a blocked asset if the payment is not done within 6 days from booking. The logic part to be built in the flow and make it scheduled.

Before Scheduled flow runs

Asset status is in Pending payment and the booking data 7th May.

After Scheduled flow runs

Asset released and status updated as ‘Available’ on 14th May after the scheduled process runs.