Maximize Your

Salesforce Investments

Simply subscribing to Salesforce and assigning licenses to a few users will not be enough to truly transform your business. To realize success using the Salesforce CRM, organizations must look at the bigger picture if they want to drive internal adoption rates and see measurable results from using this innovative, cloud-based platform.
To start, companies must define their business objectives, build consensus across your organization and establish a strong understanding of theirneeds. What information do your sales and customer service teamsneed to be more effective? How do you currently collaborate and where could collaboration bring a new level of insight into meeting your customer’s needs? How does your organization currentlytrack important metrics that drive your sales organization? Have you considered how mobile solutions will play a role in your success when creating this plan? These are just some of the questions you should address to help you maximize your investment in the Salesforce Platform.

Come to Maarga for:

  • —Workflow & Approvals
  • —Chatter implementation
  • —Communities implementation
  • —Data Migration and Instance migration
  • —Integration with external (legacy) systems
  • —Customer Portal/Partner Portal/Self-Registration/Self-Service
  • —Setting up security
  • —App development for AppExchange
  • —Configuring Workflows
  • —Web-to-Lead, Email-to-Case
  • —Creating Dashboards and Reports
  • — sites
  • —Conga Merge/ EchoSign / DocuSign / CalendarAnything apps

We can also:

  • —Creating custom controllers and visualforce pages
  • —Write apex triggers and bulkify triggers
  • —Override default behaviour
  • —Develop Future methods and Batch apex
  • —Develop custom visualforce components
  • —Record sharing through apex
  • —Integrate YUI (Yahoo UI)/jQuery components in Visualforce
  • —Create Inbound and Outbound Email services
  • —Webservice callouts and create web services to be called from external applications
  • —Schedule Jobs

Yes I want to know more on maximizing my Salesforce investments. Here are my details.

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Benefits include:

  • Quick and efficient study of available resources
  • Expert optimization and planning of what is required
  • Lightning fast development and implementation