If you are using IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 or above then you are likely to be entitled to IBM Connections ‘Files’ and ‘Profiles’ applications. Here I am going to provide a brief introduction about Profiles In IBM Connections and 5 compelling reasons why you should consider using it.

IBM Connections ‘Profiles’ is primarily used to find people in the organization.

It provides comprehensive detailing of employees and can serve as online directory in your organization. You can find people across your organization using tags to identify expertise, current projects, and responsibilities. Some other tags you can use are:

  • Keywords
  • Names
  • Responsibilities
  • Interests
  • Their geographical location

Profiles in IBM connections

A person’s profile typically contains their name, job role, location, reporting chain and details about the IBM Connection bookmarks, activities, communities and blogs in which they participate. You can also customize profiles and add new fields.

Why you should use Profiles ?

By using Profiles in IBM Connections you can improve awareness of in-house talents in the organization. Encourage your employees to build their profiles to capture their expertise, interests, skill sets and aspirations.

Creating a Profiles in IBM Connections increases the:

  • Ability of employees to reach the right expert (when needed), which in turn helps in getting a better output and fosters reuse of knowledge and best practices
  • Ability of employees to find co-workers who share common interests. This helps them to take the initiative in corporate programs (such as green initiatives). It also helps the employees to have a bonding and self-satisfaction that their organization encourages overall employee happiness
  • Ability to empower networking practices such as colleague introductions, connections and recommendations
  • Ability of the HR/Functional teams to find the employees with right skill set (within the company) which can help in internal sourcing and project resource planning
  • Ability to encourage people to participate in the conversation by tagging them using @mention feature similar to Facebook and Twitter”
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