As an IT Manager, that has an existing portfolio of Lotus Domino applications, you would be compelled to extend some of your business critical applications to mobile, so that you can exploit the benefits of mobility like increased productivity, continuous access of information etc. Here is a complete solution for moving your Lotus Applications In Mobile completely.

However, the mobility comes with its own challenges too. Is your IT geared up to take this mobility challenge? If you are able to convince your management to invest on this challenge, What are the things you should be prepared for to ensure a smooth and successful mobilization?

Lotus Applications In Mobile

Check Points For Enabling Lotus Applications In Mobile:-

Listed below are some of the check points that you should not ignore, if you want to extend your Lotus Applications In Mobile. These are from my own experience, that I’ve had from rolling out the first XPages based mobile project for a customer like lack of supported mobile devices to access the application,

  1. Identify the user community for your mobile applications.
  2. Before even choosing the application to be mobilized, ensure your organization has the necessary infrastructure to support mobile applications.
    • Assess the smart phone usage:
      • Do an analysis on the users’ smart phone usage, both company-liable and personal, in your organization to get an idea of the different types of devices used.
      • Work with your vendor to get the minimum device requirements to access the application on mobile – Supported Devices, OS Versions, Platforms etc..
      • If your organization does not honor the minimum requirements, then you should have a strategy in place to acquire the required devices
    • Put in place a Mobile device Management process:
      • When you open up Corporate data on personal devices, you should ensure safety of business information to prevent mis-use, leakage and loss of data.
      • You should also be able to track the mobile device inventory, so that you can send regular updates to software, remote-wipe of information in case of theft of deices etc..
      • All this can be achieved by installing a proper mobile device management solution that will handle authorized access of data, remote-wipes, regular updates etc..
    • Train Help-Desk:
      • Mobilizing an application will increase the workload of the IT Help Desk. There will be lot of support calls.
      • You should augment IT Help Desk with additional support staff and equip them with necessary skills to handle the mobile workforce
  3. Your complete mobility exercise depends on the success of your first project. If this is your first mobile project, spend sufficient time to analyze your landscape of Lotus applications, to choose a simple application that should be mobilized. The application that you choose should deliver business value directly. (e.g) Mobilizing a phone directory. The users can directly see the benefits of accessing Lotus Applications in mobile.
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