From today we are starting a new series along with our Tweak Thursdays, on the different aspects on how to Migrate Lotus Notes Application.

Well, you have decided/planned to Migrate Lotus Notes Application to your new platform? This is the time you need to define domino-level (environment) and application-level (low-level) Migration Objectives clearly to have your Migration project successful and smoother.

Have you defined Domino level Migration Objectives?

Examples of well defined Migration Domino-level Objectives

  •  I want to migrate Lotus Notes applications to new platform in 2 years
  • I want to migrate Lotus Notes mails to new mailing system
  • I want to migrate all my workflow applications to new BPM system
  • I want to migrate all my product masters to RDBMS so that they can be used by my ERP in next 3 months

Migrate Lotus notes application

Checklists To Migrate Lotus Notes Application Domino-level Objectives

  • Have you spent more than 3 -6 weeks to prepare this statement?
  • Have you discussed/considered opinion from all your Department/Functional heads on Migration & addressed their concerns?
  • Have you discussed with your IT Support teams (at Head Office/Branches or Regional Offices)?
  • Have you Identified the list of the third party solutions that are running on Lotus Domino server and analyzed impact of the migration?
  • Have you evaluated and finalized the new mailing solution and impact of that on key/critical applications (if you are using Lotus Notes mailing system)?
  • Do you have list of existing Lotus notes applications that use Mailing, Calendaring and Resource reservation features. If yes, Have you evaluated/done the pilot test with new mailing system?
  • Have you considered the data migration strategy?
  • Have you considered the data archive and retrieval strategy?
  • Have you discussed about all these with Business owners of the applications and came to agreement?
  • Have you done the SWOT analysis on key applications before and after migration?
  • Have you provided the Ball Park estimates of Time and Effort (and does this match with budget allocated for the Migration)?

To be continued…

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