Lotus Notes Migration Tool Kit

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Toolkit

For over two decades, Lotus Notes has been the platform within enterprises for communication, be it email, messaging, scheduling or collaborating. With Office 365 becoming the most adopted platform, enterprises are looking at minimal downtime and disruption while migrating from Lotus Notes to the Office 365 platform.

While smaller companies can migrate the end users over a weekend, large enterprises take months to years to run staged and hybrid migration programs. Whatever be the migration model, this kit will prove to be a valuable asset in your Office 365 migration journey.

Download the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration toolkit and get to know about the three valuable assets we have put together over years of hands on Office 365 migration.

  1. Planning Template: Having a plan in place makes the job easier. This is exactly what the planning template does, providing a long term roadmap and a short term pilot project plan for your Office 365 migration needs.  
  2. Scope Checklist: It is said that migration projects can take for ever. The biggest culprit is scope creep. The planning checklist not only provides a 3600 coverage, it guides discussions with your business stakeholders to uncover those hidden requirements.
  3. An Awesome Success Story: Catch a glimpse of how we turned our words into action for a Global Client. Take a look at the critical success factors that helped achieve “ZERO DOWNTIME” mail migration for over 40,000 mailboxes from IBM Notes to Office 365.    

Got Office 365 migration plans? Then, you have migrated to the right place. Move ahead and use this kit to support your migration to the cloud.

Here is the Planning Kit for you to help find the shortest and least disruptive route to completing the migration.

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