Lotus Notes Migration

An enterprise opportunity

Lotus Notes Migration

Choose the right cutover strategy

With Lotus Notes deeply embedded in the enterprise for over two decades, migration out of Lotus Notes has a a wide spread impact. Whether it is mail migration from Quickr to Office 365 or application migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint online, every enterprise context is unique. Hence selecting the right approach be it staged rollout, hybrid co-existence or big bang cutover needs careful evaluation and organisation buy in. Maarga’s approach begins with defining the choices and helping you choose the best fit strategy.

Right size the scope

With migration projects spanning several months, as the IT owner we need to find the shortest and least disruptive route to completing the migration. The number 1 critical factor that affects the schedule is scope. Knowing what applications to migrate, what to remediate and what to decommission while migrating mail influences the scope of work. With smart prioritisation consulting from Maarga, you will be equipped to start on the right note.

Mail Migration

Migrating mail from Lotus Notes to Office 365? Adopt the right cutover strategy and ensure ZERO downtime for your end users

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Application Migration

Moving applications from Quickr or SharePoint online or Salesforce.com needs robust scope management and end state architecture

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Why Maarga?

Partner with
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Strategic planning

Maarga begins with a ‘discovery’ phase to first understand the enterprise usage of Lotus Notes. Planning the best fit approach to migrate sensitive and critical user data recognising the organisation context as well as right sizing the scope is Maarga’s forte.

Accelerated delivery

Tools and IP expertise ensuring fast and seamless migration with minimal user disruption. Maarga’s expert team brings in bet practices and sound stakeholder management to drive the program to completion.

Beyond migration: Enabling adoption

While most vendors consider migration complete on successfully migrating users to the new environment, Maarga goes one BIG step further by ensuring successful adoption Maarga has defined adoption metrics and 24 x7 end user support to make the new world ‘better’ for end users.

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From a target platform perspective, the most popular is Office 365 and SharePoint online. The other alternatives are moving to the IBM Connections cloud, Salesforce and Google suite of software.
Further you have a choice to do mail migration or application migration or both.

There are 3 stakeholders who gain tangible benefits:

# First: End users. With new age solutions that are cloud and mobile ready, your mobile workforce can operate on the move and improve productivity.

# Second: The organisation saves money. With a move away from on-prem infrastructure, there will be a significant reduction in Capex. Also, new age tools give enterprise collaboration a big boost.

# Third: IT teams. Lower maintenance overheads: Your IT teams do not have to worry about maintaining infrastructure on prem, or worry about uptime and availability. Allows IT teams to focus on projects that improve the end user experience.

Well, an ill-planned migration can take forever.
An organisation with 25000-50000 users can take anywhere from 6 – 12 months on an average. If the organisation size is less than 5000, it may be possible to cutover in one weekend. The biggest drivers for schedule are

  • The migration approach
  • Right sizing the scope
  • Change management process

There are several line items to be considered in budgeting. A few of these are

  • Cost of infrastructure
  • Team size needed to deliver the project
  • The licensing cost for the target environments

End user training costs and post migration support costs are the top 5. There are a few more and happy to help on a discovery call.

The short answer is YES. Having developed over a dozen different migration plans, we know that every enterprise is unique and the plan needs to be tailored to fit the organisation context. You can ask for a Free copy of the migration planning kit from sales@maargasystems.com.


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