Having understood the power of XPages, you, the IT Manager now need to come up with a plan to efficiently migrate your Notes applications such that customer satisfaction is achieved and you achieve the best ROI. To do this, you need to first set up a team which will accurately analyze all the relevant information and decide on the order in which the applications need to be migrated. It is equally essential that the team decides which applications do NOT need to be migrated.
To do this, the team must assess the current system’s adequacy. It needs to ask the following questions

  • If no major modifications are made to the current application, how long can the business continue to use it?
  • What is the relative value of the application to the business?

Develop a scale to assess system adequacy (e.g., 1 to 10) based on criteria set by the business community (e.g., Low = Next 3 to 6 months, Medium =Next 6 to 24 months, High = Next 2 to 4 years) and a scale to assess relative value of application.

After the current system adequacy and potential business value of the system have been determined, the options can be plotted as depicted in the figure.

If the business importance of the application is low, then the application should receive little or no new funding or attention. All applications with low business importance are candidates for retirement. In the case where the system adequacy is low, the team should add projects to the project inventory that show the cost savings or other value generated by decommissioning the system.

For low-value, high-system adequacy systems, the team should adjust service levels and resource focus to minimize new investment or effort and reduce funding.If the business value is high and the system adequacy is low, then you need to improve focus and either replace the application or look to upgrade or enhance your existing application to XPages or mobile client.

When there is both high business value and high system adequacy, you need to modernize the UI and look at the long term improvement plans for these applications. The diagram below acts as a checklist to decide on the prioritization of notes applications as candidates for migration.