[fusion_text]Among the challenges to a successful migration, data validation is one of the top three. This article outlines how our methodology addresses this problem.

IBM Quickr To Office 365 Migration

Data validation often happens in two phases

1. Pre-migration
2. Post-migration

Pre-migration phase is relevant whenever the target platform is yet to be chosen. This is carried out during the discovery phase. It is important to compare the target system against the source system and validate that all the data and metadata can be mapped appropriately. Insights from this phase are fed into the data transformation stage.

In case of IBM Quickr to Office 365 migration, this phase is brief as the mapping of IBM Quickr data to Office 365 data is well known.

Post-migration phase of data validation happens after the data has been loaded into the target system and is an integral part of the migration process. In this phase the data that was extracted out of IBM Quickr is validated for its integrity against the data that was uploaded to Office 365. The data validation is carried out at three levels. While optional, these are highly recommended to achieve seamless migration.

  • Level 1: – Data to Data
  • Level 2: – Metadata to Metadata
  • Level 3: – Total

Level 1: Data to Data

In this process the data available after the extract phase is compared with the data uploaded to Office 365 for the size and correctness. Standard checksum methods are used to validate the data.

Level 2: Metadata to Metadata

At this level, limited range of metadata of each data item uploaded to Office 365 is compared for its size and type of the data

Level 3: Total

In addition to executing the first two processes, extensive comparison of metadata is carried out. Size of the data, owner, date uploaded and modified, etc., are all validated per the transformation specifications and the exception rules set.

As the process of data validation completes it triggers the next step called post check action at which the administrator is provided with a feedback for further actions.[/fusion_text][modal name=”wp313″ title=”Webinar Replay: Seamless Migration of IBM Lotus Quickr to Microsoft Office 365″ size=”large” background=”#fafaed” border_color=”#f3f3e6″ show_footer=”no” class=”” id=””]- What are the current challenges with migration
– Our approach in migrating content from IBM Quickr to Microsoft Office 365
– Methodology and toolkit for migration
– Post migration scenario.

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