[fusion_text][fusion_text]IBM Notes To IBM SmartCloud Migration is a tedious migration task and eats all your time and money if you don’t have a correct project plan. Maarga has done several migrations and our experience with IBM products made migration easy for our clients.

IBM Notes To IBM Smartcloud Migration:-

Based on our experience, we have prepared a detailed IBM Notes to IBM Smartcloud migration document. In this presentation you can learn about how to plan and implement migration from IBM Notes to IBM SmartCloud, to make it easy the migration has been broken down onto four phase and they are,

  • Phase 1:- Planning
  • Phase 2:-Pre-Implementation
  • Phase 3:-Implementation
  • Phase 4:-Post-Implementation

IBM Notes to IBM SmartCloud Migration by Maarga Systems

Phase 1: Migration Planning-

Create a strategy to allocate task for people, archiving and backups. Resourcing and task definition to people involved will make migration smooth. What ever the migration is make a full fledged documentation and share your expertise with your team.

Phase 2: Pre-Implementation-

Pre-implementation phase is where real implementation is done. A three tier architecture is created for pre implementation phase.

Tier I:-Preparation

Getting ready with the migration infrastructure for access and file-sharing is the crucial part.  Understand the admin tasks to be performed on cloud after creating a cloud account and domain name.

Tier II:-Estimation

Remove the dormant accounts first. Calculate the space requirement in cloud, determine the mail file quotas and attachment limits.

Tier III:-User identification

Identifying the mail-files to be moved for initial cloud testing. Identify VIP and non VIP users and users with more than 1000 emails in the inbox, identify mail- files with 400+ folders. Check for domain ownership and admin credentials for creating Cname for verifying ownership of domain.
IBM Notes To IBM Smartcloud Migration

Phase 3:-Implementation-

Implementing IBM Notes To IBM Smartcloud migration is a time consuming and risky job as it involves thousands and 1000 of valuable information related to an organisation. Breaking down each task will make the job easy to understand and implement.

  • Delete test Cloud accounts to enable registration into Cloud
  • Setup cloud and links, ensure access to the cloud
  • Check and test admin related activities on cloud
  • Configure default mail file template and customise mail template if needed
  • Create test users in the cloud and set up mail accounts in the cloud and provide access
  • Test cloud account by iNotes users to ensure access and mail-routing and confirm the same
  • Perform various tests of mail routing from cloud to external, within org, incoming and outgoing mails
  • Enabling voice for same time over IBM cloud
  • Set up a single VIP user on cloud for testing
  • Move VIP archive into cloud to check for access and functionality over cloud
  • Test voice calls over IBM cloud
  • Fix errors and any issues related to above scenarios
  • Create remaining accounts for all employees on cloud
  • Go-Live of IBM Connections Cloud

Phase 4:-Post-Implementation-

Adopting the new environment is not easy for all people.What to do, change is the thing that never changes.  Maarga Systems provide training and adoption for users with documentation for future reference. At the end we archive all old mails in a local system and confirm access decommission old server.

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