When you migrate Lotus mail, will your apps fail?

When you are planning to migrate email from IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365, do you continue to have Domino applications in the enterprise?

If the answer is ‘YES’, you probably know that Domino apps that are tightly coupled with mail functionality is likely to fail.

IBM Domino Applications

When email is migrated from IBM Notes to Office 365 or Outlook, Domino applications tightly coupled to Notes mail will be impacted.

Maarga’s ‘Domino Diagnostic’ will help you uncover the apps that are vulnerable and how you can remediate your impacted Domino applications.

What does this Domino App remediation Guide contain:

  1. Key challenges facing the CIO due to mail migration
  2. Maarga’s approach to resolving challenges
  3. Top 10 vulnerabilities that affect Domino applications
  4. Sample solutions for 5 most commonly occurring issues


Download the guide

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