This is an interesting  tweak that will allow you to access your GMail through RSS feeds in your Lotus Notes Client.

Here is the URL to your Gmail RSS Feed:

Step 1: Open names.nsf in your local

Step 2: Go to ‘Advanced’ Outline.

Step 3: Click ‘New’->Account

Step 4:  Just replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your own case-sensitive user/pass

Step 5: Press Save & Close

Step 6: Come to the RSS Feeds widget on your Lotus Notes Client sidebar

Step 7: Now, add a new subscription and add Gmail’s feed to it.

Step 7: You need to authenticate the feed with username and password details

Step 8: Press “GO” again when the feed widget throws up this screen

Step 9: This screen will show up and then Press “OK” to add the feed to your Lotus Client

Step 10: Now you can access your GMail through Lotus Notes Client


1. Replace <username> with your Gmail ID username.
2. To be sure and safe, test this with a dummy Gmail ID and then take the plunge 🙂