As a company which has been providing solutions on the Notes and Domino front for the past decade, we often come across customers asking us these questions.

  • What can going mobile do for me?
  • Is this all hype or is it something which can really help me?
  • Will there be a proper Return on Investment?

In answering these questions, we need to understand that the way people think and work, has changed enormously with the arrival of the Smartphone . The power of the Smartphone to multitask as telephone, games console and mobile internet to help connect instantly with friends, family and business colleagues has brought in vast possibilities to explore creativity , high availability and great decision making speeds. There is a huge talent pool of NextGen citizens – mobile multi taskers who would be looking out for the best tools and fastest ways of doing their work.

When your applications are transferred onto the Mobile, your organization will have Increased responsiveness and decision-making speed. The ability to query real-time data off-premises or even during meetings will change how executives interact with data to make corporate decisions which could lead to

  •  More responsive customer service (CRM)    —>       Higher Sales
  •  Faster approvals speed the pace of business —>      Better use of Executive time
  • Executive and sales teams can locate nearby customers to visit while in between scheduled appointments. (CRM + GPS) —> Better downtime utilization
  • Rapid request approvals using workflows —-> Higher employee satisfaction
  • On-the-spot decision making (KPI dashboard) —-> Facilitates downstream productivitY
  • Supply chain optimization (Inventory Mgmt)  — > Reduced overstock
  • Manufacturing (using GPS) —-> Faster Warehouse process

Whether you are a small corner Office with a simple set of apps or a service fleet working across a large number of verticals, the potential for productivity from mobile applications is everywhere!!

Mobile Enabling Notes Applications comes with facilities for Persona based content distinction.

It is to be noted that there are challenges here too which need to be addressed meticulously to successfully utilize the power of the Mobile. They include the probability of theft, information security challenges, data synchronization and optimization of user experience.

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