Finding a Platform like “Notes” for Applications


IBM Notes and Domino, the client and server platform, dominated the collaboration sphere within organizations for nearly 20 years. With Office 365 providing a greater user experience, the Notes platform is seeing its slow decline, though there are organizations that continue to function on the Notes platform till today.

With IBM not investing further on the Notes platform, CIOs see the need for a strategy to transform to Office 365 as a collaboration platform for mails, scheduling, instant messaging, team sites and file sharing functionalities.

Notes Apps strategy with mail migrating to Office 365

Whilst some organizations look to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 completely, some retain the legacy apps on Domino with new app development shifting to SharePoint Online. Few organizations identify a set of platforms that are “best in class” for the specific functionality e.g. service requests, CRM, workflows.

While the path for mail migration is directed to Office 365, the route to sustenance is not evident on the applications front. How do we approach this now?


  • Do we shift the apps to SharePoint Online?
  • Do we remediate the apps to run with Exchange Online?
  • Do we get generic products or
  • Do we retire the apps?


This Webinar is aimed at addressing these questions and, in general, how to go about Lotus Notes migration. The Webinar would also help enterprises to identify the available options in Office 365 migration and methods to move to SharePoint Online. Take advantage of the newly introduced topic on data quality and gain further insights on mail migration.

Not all applications require data to be migrated. However, in cases where data needs to be migrated to the chosen platform, it needs to be well executed. If not, the result is end user frustration. To overcome this, we at Maarga, designed a five step approach to ensure data fidelity when it moves from Domino to SharePoint Online.

Catch up the recording of the Webinar to learn about the fail-safe maintenance and migration strategy for Domino applications that Maarga follows in Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration. The Webinar content is semi-technical and will aid both the IT manager and the technical specialist in charge of Notes Apps.

The webinar ended on August 8, 2017, however you can catch up the recording anytime.

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