In this video, we are demonstrating a robot built on UI Flows, from power automate, which takes names of products from an Excel Sheet on OneDrive and fetches the price and stock availability from Amazon and updates it back on the excel.

A manually triggered flow fetches configured excel “Amazon Prices” and makes it available as a data table, to iterate and perform further actions.

As a next step, we iterate through each row of the excel, using the value output from the previous step, to run UI Flow, by passing “Product Name” as an input parameter for the search.

UI Flow exposes the values that are set to return as output values at the end of each call.

The value returned by the flow is updated back on the excel, to complete each transaction, the flow ends when all the rows in the excel table are iterated and complete.

UI Flows use selenium IDE browser plugin to write and perform the actions, the task a robot needs to perform must be broken down to simple instructions, to simulate type, click, select to fetch, navigate and other actions.


This bot is triggered manually, but this can be configured to be triggered based on certain event.

Excel sheet can hold any number of products for the robot to pick the required details from Amazon or any website.