Would you like to have your own workspace for all your XPages Applications on the Web? A workspace to which you can add any number of bookmarks and which gives the same feel as that of your Notes workspace? This was one area which we felt could really be of help to the entire Lotus Notes community. And from this was born, our project for OpenNTF – the XPages Applications HomePage.

This application has a multitude of benefits which include

  • Creating a bookmarked list of your favorite Applications on the Web
  • Increasing your productivity and speed while working from the Web
  • Giving focus and control over your work
  • Allows access of databases from across multiple servers
  • Allows creation of bookmarks on the workspace from multiple servers
  • Easy Search allowed to get at the Application that you want to bookmark
  • Allows you to create your company Logo on your workspace
  • Scheduled updates run every night to update the list of documents in each server

Upcoming features

  • Support for Workspace Tabs
  • Stack replica icon on the application bookmark
  • Context sensitive menu for application bookmarks
  • Option for opening the application in Notes Client
  • User-level configuration for workspace

Once you have downloaded the application from OpenNTF , followed the instructions and logged in, you will be able to configure your Xpages Homepage as a workspace and add bookmarks for all your frequently used databases. We are open for feature requests. Do mention them in the comments.