Enterprise Collaboration

Office 365 integration and customisation

Office 365 deployment may warrant integration with on premise IT solutions. Whether you need a directory integration or need a mobile app or a custom dashboard using PowerBI, Maarga’s expert technical team can take full ownership and deliver seamless solutions.


  • Integration with 3rd party software both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Custom apps to address enterprise specific business processes.
  • PowerBI based dashboards that integrates with legacy data alongside O365 data
  • An expert team capable of rolling out your O365 roadmap in Agile sprints

Adoption Consulting

The success of any Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platform, be it Office 365 or IBM Connections relies heavily on end users actively embracing the platform as part of their work day. From adoption metrics to change processes, Maarga provides a structured framework to make it a winning platform for end users.


  • Maarga’s proprietary framework for enabling enterprise adoption
  • Customized trainings, how-to documents, short videos and collaboration booths
  • Analytics dashboards and adoption metrics to manage change quantitatively

IBM Connections 6.0 integration and custom app development

Deploying IBM Connections in the enterprise, needs seamless integration with the enterprise IT stack and customisation to fit organisation processes. Maarga’s expert technology team delivers flawless integrations and custom applications by exploiting the extension points and APIs on the platform.


  • UI customization on IBM Connections
  • Integration of IBM Connections features into the enterprise software
  • Integration of third party software back into IBM Connections
  • Bolt on applications for business processes not supported by ‘out of the box’ features.

Cloud based support on Office 365 and IBM Connections

Once you deploy Office 365 or IBM Connections within the enterprise, there is a need for ‘always – on’ end user support. Maarga’s IT team works in tandem with the in-house IT team to provide cloud based L1, L2 support and build your self service knowledge base.


  • 24 x 7 end user support using an onsite, offshore model
  • Cloud based application support of Microsoft Office 365 and IBM Connections
  • Frequently updated self service knowledge base and how-to videos to reduce help tickets
  • A proven team of experts in Office 365 and IBM Connections delivering to SLAs consistently

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