Develop Workflow Apps on PowerPlatform

Does your business use Excel sheets and email based workflows? Do you want to improve efficiency of your teams and reduce chances of human error by giving them a better tool?

Email based workflows result in overload to employees, poor visibility of process progress and reduce your ability to analyze and improve processes. It is easy to create simple workflow applications using Power Platform that can give you desktop/mobile apps, automated workflows, centralized visibility, powerful reporting and analytics and ability to put artificial intelligence to work for repetitive manual work. You can see all your workflow items in a single view with information about their pendency, status, critical meta information etc. Approvers can be automatically notified when a workflow item arrives in their work queue and can be reminded if it is sitting in their queue for long. You can also integrate it with other enterprise applications.

Who is this for?

  • Workflow process managers and owners who want to make their approval workflows more efficient. They want to use a workflow tool that can automate the approval process for any document or form.
  • IT Managers who want to improve workflows and employee productivity. They want to create a simple workflow application that is connected to their existing enterprise application (CRM, ERP) and is available on desktop/mobile devices.
  • Businesses out there who are using Excel sheets and email based workflows. You want to improve efficiency of your teams and reduce chances of human error by giving them a better tool.
  • Business Process Automation (BPA) professionals who are looking for more information about Power Platform. They want to know how Power Platform can help them streamline business processes and make their organization more efficient.

Features and Benefits

Available with Office 365

  • Available with O365: The application will be rolled out on the Office 365 platform, a platform your organization already pays for at no/low additional licensing cost. Your users are already on O365, so it would be a familiar platform for them, and they are already signed into the application when they are signed into O365.
    • Use existing platforms at no/low additional cost, improving ROI and potentially activating additional features and programs not available in-house.
    • You get to maintain their Office 365 subscription and not have to worry about any new licensing costs or platform change.
    • The Office 365 platform provides all the infrastructure and security that you, as IT/Business Professional, already know. This way, we don’t have to worry about deploying technology your company isn’t familiar with.

Company Approved Platform

  • Your enterprise IT teams have already approved Power Platform, so you do not need to get any extra permissions
  • Built on an enterprise-grade platform and already approved by your IT teams, so you can get to market faster.
  • You will enjoy the benefits of a best-in-class enterprise tool that is more secure, and more easily integrated into your existing technology stack.
  • You can save months of deployment time by getting on-boarded in days and be live in weeks
  • What takes days with legacy technologies can be accomplished in hours. This solution is literally application development, deployment and hosting all in one. Built on an enterprise-grade platform and already approved by your IT teams, so you can get to market faster.
  • The result is the smoothest, easiest application development workflow you’ve ever experienced
  • Allows your team to focus on the application logic rather than administrative tasks

20 Years of Workflow Development

  • You get the benefit of a team that has worked on several workflow-based applications before.
  • An experienced dev team starts and finishes your project on time and delivers it on budget.
  • You’ll be able to build exactly what you need faster with less cost using fewer resources.

Global Teams that offer a mix of scale and service

  • Our teams combine horsepower, reach, and local expertise so you ship on time and under budget.
  • Agile software development offices that give you all the advantages of working with a large multi-national, with the agility and speed typically enjoyed by startup teams.

Team Based out of India – can Scale

  • Workflow application development that scales with your company’s needs and helps you grow.
  • Our remote team of engineers will boost your productivity and help develop your product faster.

Accelerate Development with our Frameworks

  • We can reduce your development time significantly.
  • Our accelerators save enterprise IT teams time and money by allowing them to build better products faster.
  • Rapidly create robust applications with all the modern capabilities you’d expect without the bells and whistles.

Visualize your app with Wireframes

  • This process minimizes revision cycles and ensures that the final product is aligned with the customer’s vision.
  • You’ll be able to see how your app will actually look.

Guidance to Process Owners

  • We provide adequate guidance to business process owners so they can successfully collaborate with the development team
  • Provides clear guidance to process owners for processes so they can make appropriate trade off decisions and avoid misalignment
  • Our guidance results in better system design with fewer re-work cycles and simpler builds and releases
  • Quick results – development teams get to work quickly with a high-quality understanding of business requirements
  • You can feel safe knowing that your business requirements are correctly implemented as intended.
  • Less delays, more timely delivery of projects

Entire breadth of Power Platform

  • We utilize the entire breadth of the O365, Power Platforms so that we can use the right approach demanded by the problem being solved
  • You get to use all the tools you need to solve your problems.
  • You get the right mix of technologies that allow you to scale your platform and evolve it as your needs change.
  • We can use the right technology for the job, instead of trying to force what we want onto the customer.

Integrated Reporting with PowerBI

  • It will make many of your current business metrics clear and easy to analyze so you can make fast, better informed decisions.
  • It gives you the ability to measure what impacts performance in your organization.
  • You’re able to track data, process information and measure performance on a truly comprehensive level never before available.
  • Learn about how your business is performing, work to improve it, and share the insights
  • Demonstrates transparent process/performance and will improve the customer experience

Automation with Power Automate will reduce the need for manual processing

  • Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate—so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.
  • Time and money savings by automating your business processes.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Less dependence on expensive and inefficient human labor results in lower costs, increased speed and productivity throughout your overall supply chain process.

Excel, Email where needed

  • Your workflow will still have Email notifications so it is easy to notify users, and capability to import from Excel and export to Excel, so users can use familiar tools for complex tasks
  • Your team doesn’t have to rely on multiple systems or workarounds. No more hunting through multiple spreadsheets and systems.
  • You can now grab the data you want, in the format you want it and send it exactly where you need it.
  • Easily create automated, customisable reports and visualizations. Schedule your analytics to run frequently – at any time interval you choose.
  • You’ll never have to re-key. And you will save time and money that would otherwise be lost on annoying data entry tasks.

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