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Company: Safety Gear Manufacturer from Australia


The customer has more than 100 years of experience in the production, distribution and servicing of lifting, rigging and safety gear in Australia. The customer has developed an extensive range of goods and services supplied through our comprehensive geographical presence in all State and Territories of Australia. The customers’ main source of income is by renting out its safety gear and other assets to its clients.


The company inspects the physical condition of its rented assets on a regular basis. But there were several problems faced in managing the inspection process such as scheduling inspections at specified intervals, documenting inspection results, maintaining safety compliance levels of the goods etc. The customer wanted an automated system to manage this process completely.


Considering the distributed network of the customer and the amount of data to be handled, Maarga came up with a solution and created an Asset Management System using Lotus Notes and Domino to maintain and track assets, their inspection details, customers and inspection schedules.


The entire life history of the asset can be easily maintained; Assets can be moved from one customer to another easily; Assets can be easily located.

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Saint Gobain







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Vasan Healthcare

Spacelabs Healthcare



Company: Global leader in Nutritional Supplement


The client is a global leader in the nutritional supplement manufacturing industry and a winner of the Front End supplier award. They have been operating from US for the past 30 years in full compliance with the US industry’s most rigorous standard – the United States Pharmacopeia’s Good Manufacturing Practices


The organization required governance for all IT related services. This was due to existing archaic system with manual operations. A live communication system between the teams and the organization had to be maintained to keep track of their internal and outsourced IT teams. SLAs’ has always been a key consideration any organization looks into when seeking to outsource services. The organization also required appropriate tools that could help determine and guarantee that they are in compliance with the SLAs and other metrics.


After analyzing the customer’s requirement and their basic IT infrastructure, Maarga proposed a solution of creating an effective Dashboard and Reporting system which allowed the client to quickly analyze and take action based on their data.

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