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Venkatesh aka Venki is the Founder and CEO of Maarga Systems. He has more than 12 years of experience in Collaborative Technologies, Web 2.0, Sourcing Management, Global Delivery Models, Lotus Notes, Domino and other IBM Software Technologies. His other interests include Yoga and Developmental Economics. Connect with Venki at

3 Ways To Use GenAI In Your Business

1. Intro The Evolution and Impact of Generative AI in Business In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Generative AI (GenAI) marks a significant leap from traditional AI systems. Unlike classical AI, which is often designed for specific tasks, Generative AI thrives on its versatility and adaptability. It is powered by training on vast quantities of data, [...]

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Venki’s View: How a Taxi cab ride made me rethink IT services pricing?

I was leaving early last Saturday morning to head out to Kolkata to present to the students of IIM Calcutta (my alma mater – Calcutta was changed to Kolkata but the name still stands with the institution) the career options available with Maarga.

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Venki’s View: Simplicity – something to strive for : Design lessons from Bitly

I was back to the service after a significant hiatus, and was pleasantly surprised with the simple and elegant interface

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Venki’s View: Why yesterday’s IBM earnings call was B-School revisited for me?

IBM came out with its 3rd quarter earnings yesterday. It is not always I follow quarterly earnings, but I’ve been keen of late and went through the entire earnings call.

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