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We have been talking to a lot of people – both our customers and people from the industry. And one of the main things that’s eating away their IT efficiencies is the presence of a number of Notes applications. they are stuck deciding which of them to retain, move, enhance and among other things prioritize them in an order that is acceptable to all. Feels familiar?

For one CTO the issue was not how many applications he had or had to enhance, but in what order.

A Director was compaining that there is no scientific way of telling what is required or what is not.

And a Manager is unhappy that her KRA’s are going to take a hit as she is way behind giving her recommendations on their notes applications.

Now be able to do all this and more for just $7999. Maarga, one of the leading IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) specialists will be able to tell you in one working week the following: which of your notes applications are important and which are not, what would be the priority in case of enhancement or maintenance or even migration, what would it entail to do these and other useful metrics.

Download the Case Study on a multinational who had more than 200 Notes Applications.

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