The rapid proliferation of Enterprise mobility has created the need for IT managers to extend their Lotus Applications on a mobile platform. According to a Research in Motion Study, the user participation in workflows increases by 38% when they get a mobile access for the same. Mobility provides the advantage of “anytime access” to the users and it has become imperative for the IT Managers to look in to the possibility of taking their Lotus Applications mobile.

But at the same time, when you look in to enterprise mobility for your workflows and Lotus applications, there are a few challenges that you will encounter. I am trying to list and articulate on the same.

  • Device Fragmentation – I think this is one of the foremost challenges you would face. 4 major platforms and multiple devices with different screen resolutions, sizes and what not.
  • Information security challenges – This will be the question posed by your management. The security of the data that goes in and out of the mobile devices.
  • Security considerations because of BYOD – Most of your users would want to access applications in their own device. How can you control the security of these devices?
  • Optimized User Experience – One of the important reasons why your users are asking for mobile is the improved user experience. User experience doesn’t end up in clean UI and aesthetics but also in things like what will the user expect in an mobile application
  • Approach we use to build the app? – This is something you would want not to choose, because whatever you choose will be criticized. But you have to choose an optimal solution based on time availability, budget and complexity of the application
    • XPages / Web / HTML5?
    • Native?
    • Use a Tool?
  • Data synchronization – Users want their data to be synchronized instantaneously. The challenge is how you are going to handle this expectation
  • Streamlining Mobile Device Management – Multiple devices? Own devices of the employees and company provided. How are you going to streamline without much inconvenience to the user
  • Complexity of IT Help Desk – Minor challenge when compared to others but you has to be aware of the workload that your support will take.

These are some of the challenges that I felt are important when you are looking to develop your mobile strategy. You may have come across a few more, why don’t you share them on the comments section. This article is based on the research I did for  a whitepaper that I am writing on Enterprise Mobility. Watch this space for more info in a week.